CONCRETE PRESS is an independent publishing house located in San Francisco, California. Founded in San Francisco in 2013 by Matteo Bittanti in collaboration with RANDOM PARTS featuring Colleen Flaherty, Juan Carlos Quintana and Carlo Ricafort, CONCRETE PRESS develops printed content that lies at the intersection of different practices: art, photography, media, games, and visual culture. By combining different ideas, approaches, and disciplines in novel ways, CONCRETE PRESS is pushing creative expression to a new level. Our goal is to promote  and provide unconventional subject matters, different design concepts, and compelling reading experiences. We want to engage our readers at several levels: visually, intellectually, and physically.

LIMITED EDITIONS ONLYCONCRETE PRESS was created with the specific aim of sharing ideas through ink, paper, and glue. To produce our books we use the best design, materials, techniques, workmanship, and distribution methods available. We only release 100 (one hundred) copies of each book. And we use the best tools and resources, such as professional-grade papers such as ProLine Pearl Photo or ProLine Uncoated, produced by Mohawk Fine Papers, one of the most respected makers of paper for use in photography and design books.

BEYOND THE SCREENAll CONCRETE PRESS books come in high-quality hardcover format - featuring either ImageWrap or Dust Jacket. Printed by BLURB on HP Indigo digital offset presses, each volume comes with a set of ProLine End Sheets and designer hardcover linens. Our illustrated books are no match for e-readers and tablets. CONCRETE PRESS projects are made possible by the support of our founders and by our readers and collectors.

Here is our manifesto, in Twitter-friendly form: 

CONCRETE PRESS produces, publishes, and presents books on art, media, and culture.

CONCRETE PRESS does not believe that blog posts in printed form should be called "books".

CONCRETE PRESS is mostly offline.

CONCRETE PRESS smells like real books.

CONCRETE PRESS does not need batteries.

CONCRETE PRESS could be dangerous.